Project Description

Healthy Solutions Exposed with Co-Hosts Dr. H and LetyM

Healthy Solutions Exposed Be the Navigator and Revolutionary Wellness talk with Dr. H. and LetyM is a hit show determined to deliver an empowering broadcast to our listeners, to be your compass and to guide you in reaching your highest potential and fullest passion. Tune-in to break through your mental barriers and experience balance and success on all areas of your life. Dr.H and LetyM want you to take charge of your life, no matter the circumstances -the choice is yours.

Join these two powerful, medical initiative’s and receive your weekly dose of body, mind, soul detox Get ready to live a cleansed life that is Sweet, Savory and Simple.

Each show will teach you alternative solutions to live your BEST life BETTER

Together Dr. H LetyM Bring over 3 decades of wellness expert advice. LISTEN LEARN as they reveal detoxifying tips and tools that will cleanse your life in all dimensions so you can create breakthroughs on every level, Body, Mind and Soul So, why settle for a life less than AMAZING Your BEST Life is NOW within reach